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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hello Snow

So I totally had plans tonight... then it snowed. Not regular snow that you can still drive in, OH NO.. this is slippery, dangerous snow. Cancelling all plans. Fortunately, since I stayed up til 4am reading the end of "Halo" by Alexandra Adornetto... I now have time to finish the "My Blood Approves" series. This is better cuz I dont want to start the new year nearly done with it... I have been averaging one book a day. I know that will change monday morning, but thats why vacations rock. The kids dont have school so everyone sleeps in and everything takes on a slower, less urgent pace. Even for just a week or two.

~Halo~   was an epic story of Love. Not infatuation like twilight. Im convinced the only reason Edward loved Bella so was that he couldnt read her mind. But I also believe he couldnt read her mind cuz she was meant to be his vampire bride. No, Halo had something more. Maybe cuz it was light and not darkness, but I enjoyed it. Cant wait for the rest. Read it!

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